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We are transferring all the files to the new Off-Shore servers, adding even one more. The new, much more powerful will take care of crypt and process operations and will replace what is currently in Romania. Our staff has initiated the transfer of all your Terabytes of files. Currently we have disabled the upload of new files to avoid losing them.
Unless inconvenienced, the complete migration should take place by November 7th 2019.


Added functionality to allow videos to be uploaded and streamed. Simply upload the file directly in the format "mp4, avi, mkv, etc..." and share the link or embed the video.


Thank you for all the support you're giving us. We bought a new server in Russia. We invest continuously and strongly believe in this project.
We are working on a new version of the site. We will take advantage of the special encryption techniques and are aiming to create a decentralized structure. This requires a lot of additional work, time and investment.